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Submission Information for Williwaw Publishing

Alaska Weather Calendar

Have any good Alaska weather photos? Each year we publish approximately 40 of them in the Alaska Weather Calendar. We pay for photos with cash and calendars.

We are now accepting submissions year-round for the Alaska Weather Calendar. The pdf guidelines posted below give all the details and are updated each fall. Or if you are comfortable with a skeletal, bullet list here are the high points:

  • Although submissions are accepted year-round, each calendar issue needs to go to press eventually and the photos are usually chosen by January or early February of the year prior to the cover year, so get your photos in by December, or early January or they may have to wait till the next calendar.
  • I’m looking for sharp, well exposed photos with a strong weather and Alaska themes
  • Add your name to the file metadata of each photo
  • Provide info about your photos, preferably in the file metadata
  • Photos can be submitted via email to photos at williwaw dot com if the total size does not exceed ~10-15 Mb
  • Larger submissions can be mailed on a disc or sent via an online file depository such as or or others.
  • I need to know if you’ve used any special effects, edits or adjustments on your photos
  • We pay $50-200 per photo (depending on size) on publication, approximately May 1
  • Published photographers also get two free calendars and a link to their website
  • Yes, we do still accept slides and even prints–please refer to the complete guidelines
  • The special section topic for the 2022 calendar will be a Weather and Climate of Alaska Agriculture. I’m looking for photos depicting farming or gardening in Alaska, especially things that make it distinctly Alaskan, and/or highlight the climate/weather.

For all the details download:

If you wish to be placed on our photographer’s email list, please email
or otherwise contact us. We will keep you informed about new possibilities.

Have an idea?

We’re open for proposals on books or other publications. We publish Alaska non-fiction, especially earth sciences, natural history, history etc. Our niche so far has centered around weather and climate, and this subject area we are not restricting to Alaska. Start by writing or emailing us with a simple query outlining what you would like to accomplish. We will try to acknowledge each such query, and then go to the next step if interested, so don’t send any sample chapters, etc., at first. We have no plans to start publishing fiction, poetry, cookbooks, etc.

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