wholesale info

For qualified retail stores we pair our high-quality made-in-USA products with the best possible terms, and personaized service.

competitive discount rates improve your margin

items     discount off retail
10-49     40%
50-99     50%
100-399   55%
400+      60%

re-order policy avoids waste

Reorders of any quantity maintain the best discount rate achieved during each calendar year

return policy reduces your risk

Calendars: Credit will be given, provided retailer contacts publisher by March 1st (of the year on the calendar) and returns calendars, or at publisher’s discretion, donates them to a school, non-profit etc. Calendars are not returnable for refund.
Other items: Full credit or maximum 25% refund given if items are returned in resalable condition within one year of delivery.

5 ways to order makes it convenient for you

  • call toll free 1-800-490-4950
  • fax toll free 1-866-385-8527
  • email orders at williwaw dot com
  • order on this website
  • mail order to PO BOX 309, Haines AK 99827

payment terms to meet your needs

  • Net 30
  • 3% net 10
  • credit card at time of shipping

fair shipping policy keeps costs low

We simply charge for the actual cost of shipping (plus a small handling fee in unusual circumstances). Most orders are mailed via USPS Mail and we use Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes when practical to help keep costs down. Most orders are received within 2 weeks of order receipt.

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